SmartPick™ magnet controller


SmartPick™ magnet controller

SmartPickTM is TRUNINGER’s latest controller generation.

This in-house development stands out for maximum flexibility: All modules can be combined individually and be added or removed according to any change of customer requirements.

Redundant design of safety-relevant subsystems makes SmartPickTM the cutting-edge and most secure magnet controller on the market.

Thanks to its high connectivity and minimal spare parts requirements SmartPickTM is also convincing in terms of maintenance: Our service technicians can detect any malfunctions via remote access. Moreover, thanks to systematic standardization of modules, it takes only few spare parts to cover all together the magnetic cranes equipped with SmartPickTM.

Main features of the SmartPickTM magnet controller
  • Modular design fits all applications
  • High reliability thanks to dual processor redundant architecture
  • Independent or synchronised operation of up to eight magnet groups  
  • Fast, precise control of magnet lifting force for flexible, safe material handling
  • High performance programmable demagnetisation
  • Constant mains monitoring switches to backup battery when mains fails
  • Intelligent signal interface ensures seamless integration into cranes
  • Bluetooth wireless interface for local connection by laptop
  • Remote fault diagnosis via cell phone allows rapid troubleshooting
  • Integrated ‘black box’ recorder provides fault tracking and statistics

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