Manufacturer: Truninger


TRUNINGER scrap magnets are impact-resistant, by virtue of their rugged, fully welded design and lightweight aluminium coils, which are embedded in a shock-absorbing, insulating material. A long useful life of these scrap magnets is thus guaranteed.
The latest “SmartPick™” controller is also utilized on the latest generation scrap magnets. In a cabinet measuring just 1100 x 650 x 200 mm and weighing only 50 kg, TRUNINGER has packed a level of performance and ease of operation, unequalled in this price category. SmartPick™ controllers, for scrap handling applications, feature (as standard):
The SmartPick™ module:

  • Easy integration into any crane or mobile machine system
  • Worldwide compatibility (CAN, Profibus or relay interface)
  • BluetoothTM radio interface for remote access to operation/system information
  • Unhindered condition monitoring during magnet operation by means of a laptop at ground level
  • Blackbox recorder for the precise reconstruction of system errors
  • Full text display for system monitoring and fault diagnostics

The PowerPick™ module:

  • Fastest magnetising and demagnetising on the world market – typically less than 2 seconds
  • Powerful magnetising up to 2.4 Tesla (saturation of steel)
  • Most exact current resolution to demagnetise below 0.001 Tesla (10 Gauss). Metal chips no longer adhere to the loads being handled
  • Sealed housing with the latest cooling technology holding high-performance electronics that provide fault-free operation in dusty, damp and hot conditions
  • Monitoring of the magnet coil temperatures and automatic shut-down if temperatures become critical

General Operating Capabilities:

  • Over excitation system to provide higher levels of magnet power when picking product
  • Non-contactor control to provide the utmost in reliability
  • Automatic switching to 100% power after the initial 60% lift
  • Comprehensive magnet status indication systems for operator and ground level personnel
  • Full visual and aural warning systems to warn of any detected system errors
  • Monitoring of generator speed and starting lock-out, if the generator speed varies from the “set-point” range
  • Protection type IP54 for outdoor use

The following features are also available as Options for Scrap handling applications:

  • Partial load option – With this unit the lifting power of the magnet can be set to 10 different levels from the control station
  • Separation option – Permits infinitely variable reduction of the magnet’s lifting power, until anyexcessive amount of material has fallen off the magnet
  • “Downcycle Degauss System” – Operator or automatically selected increased de-magnetising cycle for loads with special steels.
  • Battery back-up for load retention in the event of mains power loss.