Tube & Bar

Productivity enhancement when handling steel bar and tube.

Magnet systems for beam stores are particularly slim to enable them to be used even in narrow material webs. Gaps between stacks or even aisles are no longer necessary. Magnet systems also make it unnecessary to separate layers. On good floors, large sections can be stacked one on top of the other, without spacers placed in between. It is no longer necessary to observe the general rule “stack height equals man height” with a magnet system.

All this adds up to a higher packing density for your store. Considerable savings on the amount of space or area required usually offsets the relatively low investment costs for a magnet system.


Two hook are better than one

It is not possible to transport beams steadily with a single crane hook. A single hook solution means that the material or magnet system has to be guided by someone at floor level – an elaborate, time wasting, unsafe and difficult exercise. With two crane hooks the magnets are in parallel position to the material. This is essential for efficient and safe one-man operation.

Four hooks are ideal

Two hoists, each with twin hooks, form particularly light-weight and flexible solutions for long beams. It is thus possible to adjust the distance between the two independently controllable magnet groups to widely differing lengths of beam. Just one group can lift short length pieces. No spreader beam is used to connect the two groups. An extremely light-weight gripper design with a good lifting capacity / dead weight ratio is possible, thanks to two short and compact spreader beams. A load rope termination on the magnet spreader, for anti-sway reeving, caters for these types of sway reduction systems.

Fixed spreader beam with mobile magnets

For a single hoist with twin hooks of fixed distance it is possible to use a fixed spreader beam with moveable magnets. The magnet movement mechanism is compact and protected within the spreader channel sections.

Telescopic spreader beam

A simple and low-cost solution for cranes with two independent hoists is to use two magnet groups that are suspended directly from the crane hooks and which are kept in line by a telescopic spreader beam. Single beams 1 to 25 m long can be handled by this arrangement, however the ideal range of product length variations, for a passive telescope arrangement, is 1:2, i.e 6 to 12m, 8 to 16m, etc.

Manufacturer: Truninger



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