Manufacturer: Truninger


Automobile manufacturers are just one of many industries, to impose high requirements on coil steel quality. They will not tolerate pressure marks, damaged edges or residual magnetism. “Just in time” contracts call for deliveries in time windows of less than one hour. TRUNINGER has produced special magnets for coils weighing from 5 to 50 tons. With each of these magnets it is possible to handle a wide range of coil dimensions (diameter, width, lengths, thickness, packaging). One automotive sub-contractor, uses just one of these magnets to handle 2000 tons of steel per day. The magnet system enables the subcontractor to cut his warehouse area requirement by 30% [See Photo 2 Below]. Quality problems caused by damage from “C-Hooks” and Tongs have been eliminated. Demagnetisation programs, which run automatically when the magnets are switched off, reduce residual magnetism to practically zero.

When a large magnet is switched on or off it takes a relatively long time for the required magnetic field to form or vanish. TRUNINGER has launched the latest fully electronic generation of controls called “Smart Pick ™”, which through impulse excitation of the magnets reduces magnetising and demagnetisating times notably – significantly reducing cycle times on large coil magnets.

Production companies in particular appreciate the advantages of coil rotators, i.e. the ability to change a coil’s axial position while it is being moved. This is the efficient way to move slit strip coils from the recoiler to the store and from the store to the processing machine’s mandrel. See photos below.

Simulation of loading conditions with the finite element method is performed for magnet optimisation. The results are savings in weight and electric power.