radiomatic® report – self-contained unit

Valuable HBC functions now available without radio system.


Manufacturer: HBC Radiomatic

Valuable HBC functions now available without radio system.

You can also benefit from the advantages of radiomatic® report if there is no radio control installed on your machine.

Your Advantages:

  • The machine is easily and efficiently protected from unauthorized use.
  • Company-internal access rights to your machines can be organized without much effort.
  • The HBC data logger captures all login data to the exact second for each individual user.

How it works:

  • The self-contained unit is connected directly to the machine electronics.
  • To start the machine, the operator holds their merlin® TUC to the activated device. Then the machine can be controlled as usual.
  • Individual access rights are assigned by the user-specific merlin® TUC.
  • To collect login data, the device is also optionally available with an integrated data logger.



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