Manufacturer: HBC Radiomatic

Useful operational data at hand.

The HBC data logger as part of the radiomatic® report concept allows for the user-specific recording of diverse operational data of the radio control, logged to the exact second.

Your advantages:

  • The HBC data logger offers valuable information which can be used to schedule service work.
  • A load calculation for individual cranes is possible.
  • In addition, the data can be used by machine leasing companies for their calculations. The data allows to switch to a billing system that only shows the time where the control was actually in use.
  • In connection with the HBC user identification, it is easy to get information on how long your radio controls are used, by which users, and which functions these users have operated.

How it works:

  • The HBC data logger is connected to the radio receiver via a CAN interface.
  • Data recording starts as soon as the radio control is switched on.
  • The data is retrievable via a Bluetooth® interface.
  • Software for the visual evaluation of the data is included with the delivery.