radiomatic® photon

Safe working with camera assistance.


Safe working with camera assistance.

radiomatic® photon provides the operator with live video images from the working environment – directly to the color display of the radio transmitter.

Your advantages:

  • Areas with limited view and dead spots can be observed, avoiding potentially dangerous situations.
  • Different movement operations become considerably easier and the operator can work precisely.
  • For surveillance tasks and machine control, long walking distances can be eliminated because the operator always has an eye on the situation via the video display.
  • In working conditions with inconvenient light conditions or even in darkness, infrared cameras can be used.
  • If needed, the operator can switch to the standard data feedback of the display.

How it works:

  • radiomatic® photon is compatible with numerous cameras made by Orlaco; different viewing angles as well as infrared cameras can be used.
  • The cameras can be installed anywhere on the machine or in the working environment, and are directly connected to the radio receiver.

Manufacturer: HBC Radiomatic


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