Manufacturer: HBC Radiomatic

Share cranes and machines, optimize workload, and increase safety.

The catch-release function allows control of a crane with two or more radio controls. Two or more operators can take turns working with the same crane without having to switch the control device.

Your Advantages:

  • The crane workload is optimized by sharing the crane.
  • In many cases this makes additional cranes unnecessary.
  • This function saves a lot of time especially with long walking distances.
  • If another operator has a better view on the situation, he can take over the control and work from the best position.

How it works:

  • The operator can take over (“catch”) a free crane by a switch / button on the radio control.
  • The operator can release the crane for other users once finished.
  • Extended catch-release configurations, for example with 3 operators and 4 cranes, are also available as an option.