Manufacturer: HBC Radiomatic

The versatile handheld transmitter for special applications.

  • Up to 4 one-step push buttons.
  • Up to 2 rotary switches / buttons (alternatively, 2 rotary potentiometer switches for the control of analog functions).
  • Up to 4 toggle switches.
  • STOP impact switch.
  • radiomatic® iON for quick activation of a spare transmitter.
  • LEDs for indication of status and / or feedback information.
  • Rechargeable NiMH exchange battery without memory effect.
  • More than 30 hours operating time in continuous use.
  • Robust plastic housing, protection class IP 65.
  • Options: manual frequency switching, safety features radiomatic® shock-off / roll-detect / zero-g, feedback, radiomatic® AFS.
  • Recommended receiveres: FSE 510, FSE 511, FSE 727 radiobus®.