Robust Telemetry Unit with Integrated GNSS Module

STU/DATROS: GNSS 2D positioning, data capture, data transmission via GSM/UMTS (3G) or WiFi 802.11

The Symeo STU telemetry unit is a multifunction device that provides telemetry data capture and transmission using several communication methods. An integrated GPS module is available as an option. Symeo also offers DATROS, a custom version of the STU designed especially for rail applications.

The STU is well suited for optimizing fleet management systems and is typically deployed in applications that require vehicle positioning and the capture and transmission of analog and digital vehicle operating data.

The Symeo STU is a highly-integrated and robust telemetry unit that offers a wide range of data interfaces (RS485, TCP/IP, RS2432, USB), input/output ports, diverse communication options (GSM, WiFi, zigbee) and an optional GNSS module for position detection. The device is typically employed as a configurable data collector and communication gateway for industrial vehicles and/or cranes.

The STU features a powerful processor, extensive storage capacity and a flexible, easy-to-use interface that runs on the Linux open-source operating system. The standard model includes an easy-to-use application for remote data analysis and maintenance. The unit is suitable for external mounting and is robust enough to withstand even harsh environments.

The DATROS system is a custom version of the STU designed especially for rail applications. DATROS is currently utilized as a telemetry unit in the “railpower box,” a system designed for and co-developed by Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). DATROS meets the requirements of all relevant rail system norms, including 50121, 50155 as well as EN 45545, and offers all relevant data interfaces.

To ensure the integrity of the data storage functionality, DATROS comes with an integrated short-term uninterruptible power supply. The measurement data can be stored for up to one year, making DATROS an ideal solution for smart metering applications.

Typical applications
  • Bulk material handling
  • Bus and truck fleets
  • Container handling
  • Mining
  • Port operations
  • Rail traffic