Compact 2D-Positioning using GNSS

SPU-S: GNSS position detection with integrated telemetry module

SPU-S is a compact measurement unit featuring an integrated GPS antenna for positioning vehicles with GNSS technology (GPS, Glonass). The unit is designed for external mounting, normally on the roof of the vehicle.

Typical applications include positioning and capturing telemetry data for free-ranging vehicles that operate at container terminals or for bus fleets.

The SPU-S is a 2D positioning receiver with GNSS (satellite) technology, integrated antenna, a module for capturing telemetry data and an optional wireless module for data transmission. The unit is suitable for any type of vehicle or crane.

The weather-resistant housing makes the SPU-S well-suited for permanent roof mounting, even when the vehicle is driven through a car wash. Because the components are integrated in a single compact housing, the unit is especially easy to install.

The SPU-S, which operates with state-of-the-art GNSS technology, utilizes the GPS and Glonass satellites to provide position detection applications a high degree of reliability and accuracy.

The units are maintenance-free, contain no moving parts and can withstand harsh weather, dirt and vibrations.

The position and telemetry data can be transmitted via Ethernet/WiFi or with an optional GPRS/UMTS modem.

The SPU can also be equipped with Symeo’s LPR® positioning technology (SPU-L) or with D-GNSS (SPU-SD). For customers who need maximum reliability, the unit can also be delivered with both technologies (SPU-LS).

Typical applications
  • Bulk material handling/logistics
  • Bus and truck fleets
  • Container handling
  • Mining
  • Port operations
  • Rail traffic