Compact 2D Indoor and Outdoor Vehicle Positioning

SPU-L: LPR®-2D position detection with integrated telemetry module, 5.8 GHz wireless technology

SPU-L is a compact, 2D positioning measurement unit based on GPS-independent Symeo LPR®-technology. This Symeo product is suitable for permanent roof-mounting on any type of vehicle or means of transport.

SPU-L combines a LPR®-2D-based receiver for vehicle and crane positioning with integrated telemetry data capture and transmission capability.

Position detection is carried out using GPS-independent, highly-accurate LPR® technology and LPR®transponders installed at fixed locations. Line-of-sight satellite contact is not required. With up to six transponders, the system can cover an area as large as 100,000 square meters, whether indoors, outdoors or both.

The weather-proof SPU-L units are designed for permanent external mounting, such as on the roof of the vehicle, which means the vehicle can even be driven through a car wash. All components are integrated in a single housing.

With its compact design, the Symeo SPU-L is easy to install. The units are maintenance-free, contain no moving parts and are able to withstand harsh weather, dirt and vibrations.

The SPU can transmit the positioning and telemetry data over its own LPR® wireless channel, via Ethernet/WiFi or alternatively with a GPRS/UMTS modem.

As an option, the SPU can be furnished with GNSS or D-GNSS satellite positioning capability (SPU-S/SPU-SD). For customers seeking maximum reliability with two independent positioning systems, Symeo will deliver the SPU with both LPR®-2D and D-GNSS technology (SPU-LS).

Typical applications
  • Positioning and telemetry data capture for container handling vehicles
  • Positioning and telemetry data capture for depot and in-service buses
  • Positioning and telemetry data capture for rail-bound traction units