spectrum G

Sspectrum G is the ideal transmitter for very large machine applications: Thanks to an extra-large front panel, a huge selection of features and a high-performing 5“ colour display, this high-end radio control leaves nothing to be desired.


Maximum performance, unlimited possibilities.

  • 6 joysticks with up to 6 steps or analog or combination of joysticks and linear levers.
  • Various push buttons, toggle or rotary switches (maintained / spring-return).
  • 5″ color TFT display for feedback and system information in different image and graphic formats.
  • Additional functions (softkeys) available through the display.
  • 6 push buttons for display navigation and for easy customization.
  • radiomatic® iLOG for quick activation of a spare transmitter.
  • STOP impact switch.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion exchange battery, ca. 18 hours of continuous operating time.
  • Robust plastic housing, protection class IP 65.
  • Manual frequency switch.
  • Options*: front panel lighting, radiomatic® shock-off / zero-g, feedback, vibration alarm, radiomatic® report, z-axis switches, radiomatic® infrakey, catch-release, tandem operation, micro / orthogonal drive, 2.4 GHz technology, DECT, radiomatic® AFS / AFM, radiomatic® CPS, enabling switch, radiomatic® photon.
  • Recommended receivers: FSE 510, FSE 511, FSE 524, FSE 726 / 736 / 776 radiobus®.

Manufacturer: HBC-Radiomatic

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