Manufacturer: HBC Radiomatic

Efficiency and safety for cranes with 2 trolleys.

With this function, where 2 trolleys are available, the operator can select either an individual trolley or both trolleys for simultaneous control.

Your Advantages:

  • If the capacity of a single trolley is not enough to support the load, the operator can use the radio control to get assistance from the second trolley.
  • Bulky goods can be transported safely by attaching them to both trolleys.

Selection by button / switch – how it works:

  • The requested trolleys/hoists are easily selected by a rotary switch or selection switch.
  • The operator can always see which trolleys are currently selected by either the position of the selection switch or by LED signal.

Selection by joystick – how it works:

  • In this case, the trolleys are selected via the joystick.
  • First, the operator activates the “trolley selection by joystick” function on the radio control.
  • The pre-selection function is now on the horizontal axis of the hoist joystick.
  • The respective trolley is selected by moving the joystick to the left or the right.
  • To control both trolleys simultaneously, the joystick remains in the center.