Precise 2D Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

LPR®-2D: highly-precise position detection indoors and outdoors, 5.8 GHz wireless technology

LPR®-2D is a universal measurement unit for precise 2D positioning. The measurement unit and antennas are separate, which allows the measurement unit to be installed inside the vehicle or in a separate control cabinet.

Typical applications include detecting the position of reach stackers and straddle carriers at container terminals as well as indoor and outdoor crane positioning for optimizing steel works processes.

LPR®-2D is a measuring unit for accurate 2D positioning of cranes and any types of vehicles. With its flexible design, the measurement unit can be connected to various types of antennas depending on the application. The capability to separately mount up to two antennas allows the system to precisely determine the orientation of the vehicle even at slow speeds or when idling.

Unlike with GNSS, LPR®-2D radar technology does not require line-of-sight satellite connectivity. Instead, the vehicle position is detected by measuring the distance between LPR®-2D transponders that serve as local, stationary reference points. The transponders are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation and are typically mounted on existing light poles and building walls. The vehicle-mounted LPR®-2D measurement units and the LPR® transponders are maintenance-free and can withstand harsh environments impacted by weather, dirt and vibrations.

Six transponders are sufficient to cover an area as large as 100,000 square meters.

LPR®-2D adapts easily to local conditions. The transponders can be mounted at different heights and at any distance between the individual units. In a typical installation, single transponder outages do not affect the positioning functionality.

Symeo LPR® technology uses the international license-free ISM band. WiFi data networks can be operated in parallel at any time without the risk of interference.

Typical applications
  • Container terminal equipment positioning
  • Crane and vehicle anti-collision
  • Crane positioning
  • Industrial forklift positioning