Precise Reflector-Based Radar Distance Measurements

LPR®-1DHP-R: passive radar system for mid-range distances

LPR®-1DHP-R is a highly-precise mid-range distance sensor. The measurement unit and antennas are integrated in a compact housing, ensuring simple installation and commissioning. The measurements are carried out between a LPR®-1DHP-R sensor and a passive reflector or reflecting surface.

Typical applications include 1D measurements for crane trolleys in crane automation systems, determining the lifting height of forklifts and of container handling equipment (CHE) as well as the presence/absence detection of objects (mining, collision avoidance, access control, filling level measurement).

LPR®-1DHP-R is a 61 GHz measurement sensor for determining the precise distance to any type of object or to a passive reflector. The antennas and measurement module are integrated in a compact, robust housing. The sensor can be individually configured depending on the application.

The LPR®-1DHP-R sensor is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Maintenance-free and resistant to weather, dirt and vibrations, this sensor is fast and easy to install since it does not require exact alignment.

Typical ranges for reliable distance measurements include 70 meters for trucks, 50 meters for automobiles and 5 meters for people. The main criterion is the reflectivity of the target concerning the radar signal. For help in finding a solution for a specific scenario, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Symeo radar sensors use the international license-free ISM band. WiFi data networks can be operated in parallel at any time without the risk of interference.

Typical applications
  • Crane anti-collision
  • Crane positioning
  • Forklift lifting heights