Long-Range, Highly-Precise Distance Measurements


LPR®-1DHP: highly-precise and maintenance-free distance measurement, 61 GHz wireless technology

The LPR®-1DHP sensor is designed for highly-precise measurements over long distances. The measurement unit and antennas are integrated in a compact housing, ensuring simple installation and commissioning. The measurements are carried out between two LPR®-1DHP sensors.

Typical applications include 1D distance measurements for crane anti-skewing or crane automation systems.

LPR®-1DHP is a highly-precise distance sensor. The measurement unit and antennas are integrated in a compact housing to ensure extremely simple installation without the need for complicated, time-consuming alignment. The technology is based on measuring the duration of a 61 GHz wireless signal via the round trip time between two sensor units. The sensors are maintenance-free and able to withstand harsh weather, dirt, grime and vibrations.

Up to four triggers can be defined based on the position and speed of the sensors. As an option, the measurement data and the switching contacts can be accessed on both LPR®-1DHP units when they are operating at a reduced measurement rate.

LPR®-1DHP is optimally designed for automated processes that track linear vehicle movements and for monitoring manually-controlled movements.

Symeo LPR® technology uses the international license-free ISM band at 61 GHz. WiFi data networks at 2.4 or 5.7 GHz can be operated in parallel at any time without the risk of interference.

Typical applications

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