Precise, Robust and Reliable Distance Measurements and Data Transmission


LPR®-1D24: highly-precise 1D distance measurements, reliable data transmission and integrated diversity antenna

LPR®-1D24 is a universal distance measurement sensor that operates under the proven and patented LPR® measurement principle. The 24 GHz wireless technology and diversity antenna integrated in the housing expand the functionality and utility of the LPR®-1D24 even further.

LPR®-1D24 relies on two sensors to carry out the measurements. The data is stored in the two measurement units and is accessible in real-time for further processing via industry-standard interfaces. LPR®-1D24 can be optionally furnished with dry-contact switch relays. In addition to the distance measurements, the relative speed of the LPR® sensors is also transmitted. As an option, other measurement data such as crane lifting height or weight can be transmitted across the LPR® wireless channel. The parallel data transmission capability also means the crane can send all relevant data to a stationary unit at the end of the crane runway without the need for WiFi connectivity.

Because the antenna is integrated in the housing, the devices are very easy to install and commission. An approximate alignment of the two sensor units is all that is required to carry out precise measurements, even over long distances. A user-friendly website makes it possible to commission both measurement sensors from a single device. Separate software is not required.

The Symeo LPR® wireless technology is reliable even in harsh environments. The LPR®-1D24 sensors are maintenance-free. WiFi data networks at 2.4 or 5.7 GHz can be operated in parallel at any time without the risk of interference as the system is working at 24 GHz.

Typical applications
  • Crane anti-collision
  • Crane positioning
  • Transfer cars
  • Transfer units


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