Long-Range Universal Distance Measurements

LPR®-1D: highly-precise distance measurement even for long distances, 5.8 GHz wireless technology

LPR®-1D is a radar-based distance sensor suited for very long distances. With its modular design, the sensor can be deployed in a variety of applications. The maintenance-free LPR®-1D consistently delivers reliable measurements even in harsh environments. One of the more common applications for this sensor is the 1D positioning of cranes and rail-bound vehicles in support of process optimization and collision avoidance.

The LPR®-1D unit is a robust, radar-based distance sensor for long measurement distances. The sensor units support up to four antennas of different types, making the LPR®-1D extremely flexible and well-suited for a variety of applications.

LPR®-1D measures the distance between two objects using two sensor units. The data is stored in all connected measurement units and is accessible in real-time. Supplementary operational data can also be transmitted.

The sensor can be optionally furnished with seven dry-contact switch relays.

The robust LPR®-1D sensor is also suited for spacious outdoor areas. These maintenance-free sensors deliver reliable measurements even in extreme environments where dirt, harsh weather and vibrations are common, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Symeo LPR® technology uses the international license-free ISM band. WiFi data networks can be operated in parallel at any time without the risk of interference.

Typical applications
  • Crane anti-collision, also suitable for overlapping crane runways
  • Positioning of cranes used in warehouses and logistics centers
  • Rail-bound vehicle positioning