Manufacturer: HBC Radiomatic

Safe release of defined functions.

The two-step enabling switch is a special element which has to be operated to enable a set of defined functions.

Your Advantages:

  • Working safety during maintenance and service work on or in the machine is considerably increased.
  • For applications with more than one operator, dangerous situations caused by misunderstandings are prevented.

How it works:

  • The enabling switch is either integrated to the roll-over bar or placed on the front panel with a yellow button.
  • In order for control commands to be sent to the machine, the operator has to press the button into the first step. Only then can the other operating elements be operated.
  • If the operator releases the button or presses it into the second step all machine functions are immediately stopped.
  • The enabling switch thus protects the operator from dangerous unintended operations of the machine in case the operator loses consciousness or control over the transmitter.
  • For applications with more than one user, movement commands can only be performed if all operators press the enabling switch into the first step.