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CTS Projects

SYMEO absolute positioning

The client’s operations featured two separate gantry structures each with two overhead cranes sharing a common central runway. As the joint lifting capacity of two or more of the four cranes had the potential for the central runway capacity to be exceeded, the client asked CTS to devise a system that would prevent this.

The specification for this application was to provide a distance measurement system that monitored the position of the four overhead cranes in relation to each other. In addition, the summed weight of the four overhead cranes was to be monitored, and once a pre-determined weight was exceeded, a warning was to be issued to all four cranes. The combination of the crane position system and summed weight system was then to be interfaced into the crane control system, preventing the central runway capacity from being exceeded.

For this application, CTS provided a Symeo LPR 1D wireless distance measurement system. The Symeo system prevented the overhead cranes from approaching each other within a specified distance, once an overall summed lifting weight had been exceeded. In addition to the Symeo system, a HBC GEOX radio control communication system was used to monitor the lifted weight of each of the four cranes and sum the total.